About Us

HR Group Nordic is the owner of one of Europe’s fastest growing networks focusing on career and education. Each month, thousands of applicants use our sites to find a new job in order to develop their careers but also to find the right training. We will guide applicants on their way to their next goal and employers with training or in their search for new employees / students. We focus on your future, “You are The Future”.

Our mission is to offer targeted advertising solutions to companies, municipalities and agencies in recruitment, training and marketing. HR Group Nordic offer the most user-friendly and cost-effective portal for employers seeking to recruit qualified candidates for both work or training.

HR Group Nordic’s vision is to become one of Europe’s leading portal and the only choice for career development, job search and education.

Core values ​​
Customer Focus – Quality – Reliability – Profit.

If you have visited our site, you have seen many of our products: job advertisements, banners, logos and company presentation. But there are other products that are not so obvious. So, apart from advertising vacancies and developing your brand there is much more we can do together. We always strive to establish and develop long term partnerships with like-minded companies to promote and facilitate online recruitment and education marketing. Recruitment agencies can place advertising with us. So if you work for an organisation, the private or public sector and are serious about recruiting online and gender equality, diversity and quality, we want to hear from you.

HR Group Nordic AB’s sites have been developed by experts who have over 10 years experience in providing professional recruitment, consulting and training services for both private and public sectors.

HR Group Nordic AB’s sites are not like the ordinary sites in online recruitment and education marketing. There are plenty of them already. We believe that our combination of expertise and experience combined with the absolute newest and leading technology can deliver a competitive choice that you as an employer or trainer can benefit from.

We work with the best private and public employers to promote diversity and equality in the workplace. HR Group Nordic AB is not seeking to have the largest number of jobs or education, we want the very best. We will advertise your vacancies that are current and work within your personal time frame. It can take a week or a month, we offer flexibility.

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