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If you have visited our site, you have seen many of our products: job advertisements, banners, logos and company presentation. But there are other products that are not so obvious. So, apart from advertising vacancies and developing your brand there is much more we can do together. In addition, you get the opportunity to get in touch with the right people that you’re looking for right now.

For those who are job seekers / students we also have different services that in an easy way enable you to find a solution to your problems. You are able to monitor exactly what you’re looking for by subscribing to education or workplaces that match your choices via email. All you have to do is customize your profile.  This will help you achieve the best result that will make your dream job reality.



Ad on one or some of our niched websites.

Advertise your job on our own niched websites in Sweden, Finland and/or Norway. We target your ad to interested candidates in our database who fulfill your requirements.
Your ad is shown on our website to people who are interested in new jobs in your segment.

Thousands of active candidates visit our websites every month and have been doing that since the start 2008.

Boosted posts (sponsored posts) are ads targeted to your candidates.

We use your job ad or requirement specification as a basis when we set up the target group. We target advertising to people within the right professional category, workplace, education and place. Usually, the range is 500-4000 people related to your requirement specification. This depends on how broad (for example, geographical, age, gender) you choose to reach.
We use Facebook, Instagram and / or LinkedIn when we sponsor posts.

Organic advertising to our followers via Facebook and LinkedIn.

With organic advertising, we reach our followers related to the respective niche. As an example, it is mainly doctors, nurses, psychologists and dentists who follow our Facebook page “Sjukvårdsrekrytering” and correlative on other niches. Organic advertising comes in text form and can be shared and / or liked in their respective networks.

Linkedin’s official job market.

LinkedIn Jobs is used by millions of qualifying job seekers and is the world’s largest job network. With LinkedIn Jobs, we set the right competence tags so people with the right competence and experience gets the ad in its personal feed. Potentially, thousands of people will see your ad, but the benefit of LinkedIn Jobs Is the quality of those who read your ad. Usually, an advertisement is terminated on LinkedIn with 3-15 applications, depending on the type of job.

Always included in our ad solutions: graphic design and copywriting

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